Tentang Kami
Megaxus Infotech, a leading game company based in Indonesia, has been providing comprehensive solutions to its partners for over 16 years. With a successful track record of publishing 11 PC online games, 15 mobile games, and one console game, Megaxus has a large and dedicated user base of over 25 million. This gives the company a strong position to target the Indonesian, Southeast Asian, and global markets with its game publishing services for mobile, PC, console, and browser platforms. In addition, Megaxus offers business process outsourcing services to companies seeking game-related support. The benefits include game development for entertainment games, serious games, simulation/AR/VR/MR/Metaverse categories, and game channeling services. With its expertise in these areas, Megaxus is the perfect partner for any company looking to take its gaming to the next level.